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A story of life.

What to do when you’re a pilot and you start losing your eyesight? You vow not to give up until you find a cure. You uncover that the problem isn’t disease. It’s all those days that silently passed by. Age is the culprit. You wonder if there’s a cure for that? You do your research and find that there is. That science has uncovered molecules that can rewind the biological clock. You rewind yours and reverse your ageing. You start a company to help others enjoy the same benefits. You fly again.

Rewind the time of your life.

Your age shouldn’t define your possibilities in life. You should. This belief is rooted deeply within our hearts and soul. It’s found in our DNA and flows in our veins. Ever since the start, we have strived for a world where age doesn´t matter. And where you, not the years, determine who you are, what you do, and where you’re going. We are moving in the fastest and most reliable direction possible. Always on our toes and with our eyes laser-focused on the latest available research and technology, as we constantly tweak and improve our products in order to improve your life. For us, good enough will never be good enough. Because better is always around the corner. It’s just a matter of time until science proves it.

Let’s rewind the time of your life.