About us.


Redefining aging.

At Lifeseeds, we challenge the conventional view of aging. Keeping abreast of the latest research, we aim to make every year as full of life and opportunity as the next, regardless of age. Our goal is not just to prolong life but to enrich it with quality and vitality, creating a world where age truly doesn't matter.


A story of life.

Lifeseeds is more than just a product of scientific research; it's the manifestation of a personal journey and transformation. Our founder, Mathias Lobendahl, faced a health crisis that threatened everything he had built. In his search for answers, he discovered the power of NAD+ and its critical role in bodily function and aging. This discovery not only paved the way for his recovery but also ignited a spark to share this knowledge with the world. Thus, Lifeseeds was born, from a desire to change how we experience our years, making every moment count.


    A world where age doesn’t matter.

    Our vision is to create a world where aging doesn't limit but enriches. We aim to reshape the future with products that offer more than just anti-aging; they bring a new dimension of health and vitality, opening doors to a life where every year counts.


    Science made easy.

    We are committed to making science accessible and understandable. Our mission is to constantly innovate and improve our products, based on the latest research, ensuring they meet and exceed our customers' expectations for a healthier, longer life.


    Rewind the time of your life.

    Our promise is to give every individual the opportunity to challenge aging. Through our innovative products, we offer paths to renewed energy and vitality, enabling our customers to fully live their lives with strength and joy at every step.

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Simply revolutionary.

As a Swedish company with global ambitions, Lifeseeds stands at the forefront of reshaping how we age. Our strategy combines scientific precision with simplicity and honesty, creating a credible and revolutionary approach to health and well-being.


Shaping our future.

Our core values permeate everything we do. Scientific accuracy, groundbreaking innovation, and genuine sincerity are not just words for us – they are the foundation of how we develop our products and interact with our customers and the community. These values inspire us every day, and we invite you to join us on this journey, a journey of discovery, growth, and genuine impact.