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Unleashing your vitality.

Aging is inevitable, but how we age is a matter of choice. Every day, crucial functions in our body are affected, from energy levels to cellular well-being. Join us on a journey through the body and discover why it's more crucial than ever to take action now for a healthier, longer future. Discover Nexus NAD+ power to redefine your age as just a number.



The fuel of life.

Energy is more than just fuel; it's the catalyst that powers us at every level, from cellular to cognitive functions. Maintaining a consistent flow is vital for health and well-being. A lack of energy can affect productivity and diminish your quality of life. Nexus contains Nicotinamide, to help reduce fatigue and exhaustion, empowering you to not just get through the day, but to truly seize it.

Cognitive function

Beyond mental acuity.

Preserving cognitive function is essential, especially as we age. Aging may bring challenges like memory decline and decision-making abilities, but it's possible to strengthen these areas. Strong cognitive function enhances rational thinking, emotional well-being, stress management, and social interactions. It's not just about being 'smart', it's about enriching your entire life experience. Nexus NAD+ contains Nicotinamide, supporting normal psychological function.



The foundation of vitality.

Cell health is fundamental to our overall well-being. These microscopic building blocks form the basis of all organs and tissues, fuel our immune system, and help ward off diseases. Cells also regulate key biological processes like metabolism and hormone production. As we age, it becomes vital to actively nurture our cellular health for lasting vitality and resilience. Nexus features Grape seed extract, to maintain cellular health and normal function, allowing you to age with vigor.

  • Skin

    The radiant shield.

    Our skin does more than protect us; it mirrors our inner health and beauty. With time, signs of aging like wrinkles appear, and our skin's ability to repair itself slows down. A youthful, radiant skin isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it's a sign of overall well-being. Nexus NAD+ contains Nicotinamide and Grape seed extract to support skin health, making it resilient and radiant as you age.


    Your internal network.

    The nervous system is our body's internal conductor, coordinating everything from our heart rate to our emotional responses. It's not just about physical movement; this complex network also regulates vital functions and processes thoughts, emotions, and memories. Experiencing these aspects of life fully becomes increasingly important as we age. Nexus includes Nicotinamide to support the normal function of the nervous system, allowing you to engage more fully in all facets of life.


    Guarding your inner health.

    Our mucous membranes serve as the body's inner guardians, playing a vital role in protecting us from harmful microorganisms and supporting essential functions like digestion and respiration. These robust barriers also contribute to our immune system and nutrient absorption. As we age, their efficiency can decline, amplifying the need for targeted support. Nexus contains Nicotinamide that contributes to the normal functioning of mucous membranes, supporting their crucial roles in overall well being.

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Powering a healthy life.

Metabolism is crucial for vital bodily functions, including calorie burning, hormone balance, and cellular regeneration. As we age, this process can face setbacks that may compromise weight management, blood sugar regulation, and cellular repair. That's why maintaining an efficient metabolism becomes increasingly essential. Nexus ingredients, Trimethylglycine and Grape seed extract, promote metabolism, aiding you in living a healthier life and aging with vitalitity.



The engine of life.

Our heart is vital for survival, circulating blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients. Maintaining a healthy heart is crucial for disease prevention and achieving peak well-being. Efficient circulation regulates our blood pressure and ensures all our organs are functioning optimally. Nexus includes Grape seed extract to support venous circulation, foster healthy blood vessels, and maintain normal cardiovascular function.


Four ingredients.
One capsule.

Nicotinamide, TMG, pterostilbene and grape seed extract. An effective combination of ingredients to increase NAD+ levels in the cells and to support good health and longevity. We are the only one offering it in a bitesize serving.

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