NMN supplementation enhances cardiovascular fitness.

NMN supplementation enhances cardiovascular fitness.

A scientific study was recently carried out with the aim of discovering how supplementation with the NMN molecule can affect performance in runners. Results showed that NMN has a positive effect on the body’s endurance.


NMN – a precursor to NAD+ and short for Nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a molecule that occurs naturally in all lifeforms. It helps increase production of NAD+, which is essential in keeping our cells strong and healthy. A recent scientific study examined how supplementation of NMN in combination with exercise can affect aerobic capacity. Meaning how much oxygen the body can consume when active.


48 amateur runners participated in a six-week study, where they were divided into four groups (including one control group) that were given different amounts of NMN supplement. The runners exercised 5-6 times a week, each workout lasting 40-60 minutes. A cardiopulmonary exercise test, where maximal oxygen uptake is measured, was carried out at the beginning and end of the study.


In comparison to the control group, results showed that oxygen uptake (VO2), percentage of maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), and the force at the first and second respiratory threshold increased to a greater degree in the medium and high dose groups. In conclusion, the study states that supplementation of NMN had a positive effect on the runners’ endurance.  


Read the full study here.

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